Many aspiring Black business owners believe that it takes a whole lot of money to start a business. And boy, are they wrong! They also claim that finding an investor to help them get started is totally impossible. Again, WRONG!

Due to poor information and lack of resources, many aspiring entrepreneurs remain stuck between a hope and a dream.

Here inside of The Business Bakery, we can help you find investors and turn your dream into a reality through a CROWDFUNDING campaign!

When we opened our bakery, our grand opening event was paid for through CROWDFUNDING. We simply asked for the money that we needed and told people where to send the money. As a result, we had more than enough to help us launch our storefront bakery. And you can do the same!

In this five-day workshop, we will teach you how to build a profitable business from scratch, utilizing the resources that are already available to you, by simply asking for what you need.

You will learn how to:

✔️Defining a business mission
✔️Identifying a crowdfunding goal
✔️Craft a need story
✔️Choose a crowdfunding platform

The workshop meets live on Zoom, Nov 15th-19th at 8:00 p.m. eastern standard time

Ready to get funded? Enroll in the workshop now!